Floydein – Week 1

Often I wonder, how it would be responsible for another life? How will it ever affect my life? Well, I recently adopted this cute infant whom I initially named Floyd. Later, discovering the fact that she is a girl…I was even more excited to have her and named her Floydein instead. It’s been about a week that I have started keeping her in my dorm and oh boy…she is beautiful. I am so excited to have her with her at all times.

So here the idea struck me to actually starting blogging about it. It can do wonders for me as well as all those who will be acutally willing to adopt a dog. It’s the best thing you can do to the world as well as for yourself. Within the first few days of keeping her, I have changed…for the better. The feeling of concious happiness has actually taken toll on me and my anxiety issues have been much better. Before I got her, I was quite fearful and nervous that it might really hard keeping her and I would end up making a mess. But, it ended up to be the opposite. Her growth has been optimal, her fur has been better since the day I bought her and also she js getting prettier and prettier day by day.


Adopting a pet is just like adopting a child. They need the same love and care that they deserve. Infact, anyone can be turned right if they are rightly loved. So why did I do it? I did this for the love of it. Intially, it really was hard to manage the poop and the pee but I guess it’s human to be human. It’s a noble cause to adopt. Also, it’s cool. Heh! Sometimes, I literally forgot that I was in the company of ‘Floydein’ but she constantly reminds me that by licking my feet and growling at night. But that was the first few days and what happened the next few days made it quite relaxing. She has found her poop spot and also she has adjusted to my routine so that we both sleep peacefully. Phew! Make sure the first thing you do when you adopt a pet is to get them vaccinated and also yourself. Feeding them at the right time and making sure they don’t overeat must be a note to self.


She’s adorable when she’s sleeping…


Coming to her features, she is an Indian “pariah” breed. Normally, people would call them stray but actually these are the “real” dogs.  They have bred, sustained the environmental conditions and can survive under any conditions. Also, they require low maintenance, are resistant to infections that other breeds and have a real good I.Q. But, these are all just facts and I would encourage you to adopt one not because of these facts but because of the love you’re willing to share with them. They can be well trained and the best part is – THEY LOVE YOU BACK!

The joy you get to raise someone is priceless. It literally marks the real you.

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Thinking (and not overthinking)…

I think, a lot.

‘On a scale of one to infinity, I find myself thinking beyond infinity. I am not even kidding! I spend most of my time thinking…about anything. It can be confused with me wandering, but I know the difference now.’

Recently, I was browsing my news feed on Facebook and stumbled upon this article by ‘Big Think’ (link at the end). It involves a test to find if you are a thinker or a non thinker? Thinking is something that is pretty natural and I have no control over it. We know that. But, what we don’t know is when are we overthinking! It’s been told over to me by many of my social peers that I tend to overthink. You must’ve been told that too, maybe? Well, the interesting is part is we don’t analyse ourselves more often than we analyse other people. My brain is beautiful and I love it. Sometimes it doesn’t love me back. That’s when I am overthinking. Funny that.

We makes mistakes, often. A normal functioning brain is supposed to make tons of mistakes. It’s not cool if you aren’t making any. Now, suppose I told you that there is this one person who doesn’t make any mistake, does his work perfectly and does exactly what it is told to do so. You would be amazed right? Would sound like a genius, huh? People were amazed, yes! That’s when they labelled these persons I call as ‘machines’. A machine is so indispensable these days that humans are spending time coding them, learning machine languages and in turn making themselves a machine of making a machine. So weird. Here, I am, sitting on my chair thinking how fascinating it is that the world oves at a speed of roughly 1000 miles per hour and that sounds so cool. The world is changing though. At a faster speed than it’s rotating and also for the better.

Let’s watch a video where Michael explains…well…just watch it.


Everything we do or see has a lot of impact on us. Anything we fail to achieve or our mind fails to achieve deteriorates us from being capable to incapable. That’s exactly when we need to make mistakes. Fearing them will just suppress us from being who we want to be. I remember this fact about the mint called “Polo” which, as they say, was discovered by mistake. Unfortunately, the machine in their manufacturing plant malfunctioned and it started to churn out candies with a hole in it. And thus, Polo was born.

The point of me writing this blog is not for the lazy ones who think they can’t make a difference. The point of writing this blog is for the lazier ones who actually believe in themselves.

I see myself as a ‘thinker’ more or less. Striving for the small things I want for joy and a little bit for the peace of that cake. I constantly am afraid of making mistakes and that’s when I know I am overthinking, for the good. I believe that when mistakes infuses with thinking, a new creation takes place. It’s awesome that our mind is capable to think so that it doesn’t overlook what we exactly want from ourselves. The constant need to upgrade you iPhone is because your brain won’t accept that you’re not moving on with the current generation. It just can’t handle it. Or when it’s broken…and functioning. You think and end up buying a new one. It just happens on it’s own. No one tells you to do so but you do because it’s natural. There’s that process involved in every second of our beautiful journey.


Link to ‘Big Think’ article: http://bigthink.com/paul-ratner/new-study-shows-intelligent-people-are-lazier-while-non-thinkers-more-active

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“Making mistakes, not overthinking…”

Entrepreneurship and why it got me?

Waking up to thoughts like these can be really amazing. I mean I had a dream where I was a selling cakes for a living. I had this huge bakery and where there is a constant rush of people buying different sizes of pastries and cakes. So, I woke up that day, looked into the mirror just to realise that…I really don’t look like a baker. Seriously! I do not look like one at all. But this thought got me intrigued that it got me thinking for quite some time. By quite some time I mean that I used to think about it in the class, before I sleep, when I reading a book…I guess…almost all the time. It was something really stupid to dream something like that. Or was it? It wasn’t! At all! What we think of the stereotype is what the stereotype thinks about us.

Look at this! We were always told to do what we can so that we could not discover what we couldn’t do. I was told that I could be anything, whatever and whenever, I wished to. And so I thought. Three years down the line, I just see of myself as nothing but a failing engineer. If people were to believe what they were told, they could be anything right? Wrong. We are told many things but we are restricted to those only we know about. We don’t move out of comfort zones to achieve what we want because our world is limited to our imagination.

As long as it is comfortable and easier to achieve what we need, we do it blatantly. But anyway, as time passed with reading more books like ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ where Kahneman describes how the two systems 1 and 2 work simultaneously and his judgements on the psychology are true to the point completely describing how a human would react to certain situations and ‘Zero to One’ where Theil says innovation progresses from 0 to 1. It is innovation that we humans are lacking now. I believe that people should not fall for being rich or being a millionaire or being on the Forbes list. Those people on the list did not dream themselves of being there. They just did what was required and made their dream come true. Their dream of having a world where cars are just run by electricity, Elon Musk, CEO and Founder of Tesla, SpaceX. Their dream of making a world where people could use a device so easy that could play a song and make a call at the same time for you, Steve Jobs, CEO and Founder of Apple Inc. If you were to look carefully, these are people who would walk that extra mile to find that “peace of cake.” A small piece, for your peace. Coming back to the dream I dreamt of, I visually closed my eyes to think why I dreamt it. Tried to recreate and found out what I had always been searching for. What do I want to be? And the happy realisation is that…

I want to be an Entrepreneur.

Yes! an ‘entrepreneur.’

Well, so for the love of this cakes, it got me so bothered, I really had to start this website and so the idea of being me being “Intellectually-Lazy” came up.

Here’s a quick video of Casey Neistat, a YouTuber who believes what I believe in.


This is Casey describing what I just told you about.

Now, coming to the dream of Entrepreneurship. I started with a google search on the word “Entrepreneur” to see if my definition matched with my goals. Surprisingly, it does.

noun: entrepreneur; plural noun: entrepreneurs
a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

An entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risks, that’s the extra mile we need to look for. A business without a profit is not exactly a business, I mean it doesn’t justify the word itself that way. So yes, profits are supposed to be made either way. After all, you don’t get anything for free these days. Except advices. You still get that for free. Talking about advices, I would be humble in suggesting to all the budding entrepreneurs and non entrepreneurs out there that we need to incorporate ourselves into innovating and learning new things and be genuinely interested in keeping ourselves updated with the current technology because it wouldn’t be too late to be out of new ideas! An idea that we can think of has to be original.

Originality is what defines and drives innovation. 

In fact, that is where the heart of innovation lies. An artist is claimed to be an artist for the idea he has created. If the artist were to claim that they have stolen that idea of painting from someone else, would you claim it to be original? Maybe this new artist can perceive and perform the same in a much better way but the originality of that thought would be stolen, isn’t it? It works the same with anything and everything. So, I’m imagining a world where ideas are continuously firing without the need to question if it’s possible or not. That world lies in the brain of an entrepreneur. That is how they function.

Technology is bliss folks.

Why is acting a wonderful art?

According to Wikipedia, acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character—in theatre, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode. What do we know about art? Well, art is anything that is created with thoughts or ideas along with perfect skills which is subjective to creating a masterpiece. There is no exclusive definition of art. This raises the question that can an activity like acting justified to be called an art? Some might totally condemn the idea of acting while some might say that certain actors do not promote apt content for a suitable crowd. In a way, it’s true. The kind of content we are prone to seeing today is not what all audiences would want to see. But, as a society, shouldn’t we be more accepting? Think about it.

I mentioned in my last blog that words are a very ineffective to way to interpret thoughts and feelings. We communicate with babies in sign language, we use gestures to convey something when it’s needed. Everything we do is basically an “act” which we produce in order to get a desired result. If you see it this way, then ‘acting’ is a human trait. It would be easy for all of us to act? Wrong. I believe that art can exist in any and many forms. An actor can or cannot be skilled. The way we decide it is by watching all sorts of cinema starring different actors and then we reach a conclusion based on our satisfaction. Different tastes suggest different genres. Not everyone is interested in watching the same thing and people tend to have different personal favorites in an industry that is working to bring tons of new ideas solely on the basis of their ideas and skills. Now, if you like watching a movie that aims at breaking a certain stereotype, then you will be pulled towards watching such cinema. You will be impressed by the actor and the movie while the person sitting next to you would be dozing halfway through it. It happens quite often, doesn’t it? If the actor is skillful enough to get you interested, then that is what should matter to you.

The entertainment industry has to keep in the trend of what people would be interested to watch the most. Hence, there are innumerable types of movies with different genres. Why do people watch these genres? It is because they can relate to it. That’s exactly the reason why we find many different kind of actors doing movies that gets a critical acclaim by the wider audiences. Speaking of audiences, these are where we belong. We as a audience create the true experience of recreating this wonderful art form. This is what I would like to call it – an art form. Just like how a true genius would be able to solve a problem beautifully, an actor can reproduce exactly how it is to feel something that cannot be interpreted. To name, a movie like “Inception” is aimed to opening new sector of this art form. The director, at the end of this movie, leaves it to the audience to decide how they would want to interpret the ending. In fact, there is a site that discusses the variations of how people actually thought the ending of the Inception was. The entry of such a movie was appreciated throughout.

Any art is only interesting if it perfectly integrates the authors imaginative power and the required skill to produce something that is extremely beautiful and emotionally satisfying. Actors are so good that can interpret anything that they want to. ‘Dangal’, based on a true incident, is aimed empowering women wrestling in India. The actor had to go through major body weight changes to look like a father of two girls who later win a gold medal for the country at the 2010 Commonwealth games. In the Oscar winning movie ‘Revenant’, DiCaprio had to deal with a lot of climatic factors for the shooting. His Oscar winning speech was more focused on global warming and climatic change which was considered to be a good moral for everyone. Why would actors bear all of the hard work when a little VFX could take care of such situations? It’s because true artists care to be careful and bear to be bearable. Small details matters to them which eventually will matter to their audiences as well. Philosophically, artists deal with immaterialism which is why there are artists who rise to a meteoric stardom and some catastrophically unsuccessful. Nevertheless, there’s a little luck involved and perception plays a greater role than we think.

How likely are we to develop OCD?

Assuming that there are 7.5 billion people on this planet, every individual is born with certain capabilities to carry out certain tasks. We know that no human can be perfect and the idea of ‘perfectionism‘ itself is highly overrated. How do we really know which person is more likely to succeed at a given job? We might be able to perform some tasks exponentially better than others while some that barely gets us interested to even start with. The people who are better at these tasks certainly train themselves in a way an average human being wouldn’t understand. How do they train themselves? They “obsess” about it.

Certain obsessions cause anxiety and then there are compulsions which then subside the anxiety. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder in which people are pulled towards certain obsessions much more than their other obsessions and then perform activities (also rituals) repeatedly in order to get relieved. According to statistics, 3% of the population is said to have OCD in both men and women. But those are just statistics, right? Personalities such as David Beckham, Steve Jobs and Howard Hughes have been diagnosed with OCD. Generally speaking, a mental disorder can be either mild or it can be extreme to levels of interfering with day to day activities.

In the 21st century, where obsessions are prevalent, it’s easy to say that people are at a high risk of developing a mild OCD. But is it justified to say that “every” person is, in a way, linked to such a mental disorder? Let’s solve this out. There might be some who would have lived their entire life without knowing about it and some who would debate that it’s just because they like doing something and that’s why they behave a certain way. To cut short, words are a very ineffective way to interpret thoughts and feelings. If you ask someone to imagine a dog, often people will imagine it in a completely different way and of a different breed than you might have imagined it to be. If you ask someone why they drink a cup of coffee every morning, their reason might be different from the one you would have thought. These differences in a society leads to a set of unexplained results. Strangely, people will find their way out admitting that they are not a victim of any psychological disorder and convince no other but themselves. Humans are confusing enough to distract themselves from what they don’t like but not deliberate enough to question themselves as to why they like doing what they do.

If we conclude on a belief that we like to do a specific job in an obsessive way and can’t logic as to why we obsess it, then you’ve discovered that OCD in you. For some people, this keeps them going. Jobs liked walking barefoot, he liked being vegan, he liked to never take a bath. Obsessions never have reasons to exist. They exist because they just do. These likings (or obsessions) became so important to him that he inculcated them as rituals he would practice everyday therefore assuring himself that he was mastering the art of perfectionism. Sadly, being a vegan costed him his life as he was diagnosed with a certain pancreatic cancer that was almost impossible to cure. The point here is that he was so obsessed with his work that he was stern about his likings following a compulsive behavior which led him to inspiring millions of people around the world. If that obsessive behavior did not exist, we would have a world without Apple.

We’re more likely tricked to believe our weird obsessions as our instincts which is untrue. Instincts are more natural where as obsessions are self created. If we were to change our perception a little bit by breaking the stereotype and study just a little bit of our mind, we would be able to answer the unexplainable. Not all tasks are as intriguing for one person and all tasks cannot be performed by the same person. So how likely are we to have such a mental disorder? Psychologically, to be diagnosed with OCD, a person must have obsessions, compulsions, or both, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Is it good to obsess? Well, yes and no. Yes – because obsessions leads to ideas that offer different approach to solving a problem. No – because such a disorder comes with the risks of higher suicidal rates among such people.The idea here is to convey that OCD is common disorder among the people of this era and it’s about time that people find out it. It could be helpful or it could be lethal. If we are able to elucidate why we do things the way we do, it would make our life way more easier to live. If you’re one of those people who obsess about something, ask yourself why. If you aren’t able to fetch any answer to that ‘why’, then here’s a quote for you…

“With a great disorder comes a greater responsibility.”

A letter to my younger self

My dearest sister,

New Year is what everyone is looking forward to at the moment and like everyone else, even I am. It’s been long since we shared something and let out heart out to each other. I think it’s about time I wanted to tell you how important you are to me at every step in my life and that time will only make us closer to each other and not let us drift apart.

You are growing up. We all grow up. Aging is a natural process but growing up is feeling that entire process. I have felt that is because I always had you. I grew up, when you snatched that remote from me to watch your cartoons. I grew up, when you told mom how funny I looked when I sneezed. I grew up, when you reminded me how I behave when I am cranky. Those moments are precious to me. You would not remember and rejoice it as I do. But what I want you to know here is that while you grow up, you are not alone…just like I wasn’t when I needed you the most. There will be times when you would need someone the most and I want to assure  you that I, as your best friend, would always be there for you.

Mistakes are a part of life. If you make one, it’s okay. We are a product of the mistakes we make. What I want you do most importantly— learn from those mistakes. Wouldn’t life be unfair if we kept on making the same mistakes and called life unfair instead? Make the right choices. I want you to believe in yourself more than anyone else. Have an alter ego that you fantasize, and work for it. The only way to achieve that would be is to not fear your mistakes and let yourself move on.

A little bit of fun won’t hurt. Certainly, you would make friends and new friends and then even more new friends. You will see and meet new people around you. Some will inspire you, some will motivate you some will even make you feel cheerless. Forrest Gump told us that “life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” But, always kept going. He never missed out on the fun. It is okay to have fun which chasing those dreams let alone you are willing and determined to put in the required effort.

Lastly, with this new year ahead, I also want to tell you that happiness comes from within. I would not want you to search for your happiness in things or people but yourself. If you believe in your moral values, then do not let yourself down as my ultimate goal would always remain the same — to see you happy.

Your ever loving brother.