My dearest sister,

New Year is what everyone is looking forward to at the moment and like everyone else, even I am. It’s been long since we shared something and let out heart out to each other. I think it’s about time I wanted to tell you how important you are to me at every step in my life and that time will only make us closer to each other and not let us drift apart.

You are growing up. We all grow up. Aging is a natural process but growing up is feeling that entire process. I have felt that is because I always had you. I grew up, when you snatched that remote from me to watch your cartoons. I grew up, when you told mom how funny I looked when I sneezed. I grew up, when you reminded me how I behave when I am cranky. Those moments are precious to me. You would not remember and rejoice it as I do. But what I want you to know here is that while you grow up, you are not alone…just like I wasn’t when I needed you the most. There will be times when you would need someone the most and I want to assure  you that I, as your best friend, would always be there for you.

Mistakes are a part of life. If you make one, it’s okay. We are a product of the mistakes we make. What I want you do most importantly— learn from those mistakes. Wouldn’t life be unfair if we kept on making the same mistakes and called life unfair instead? Make the right choices. I want you to believe in yourself more than anyone else. Have an alter ego that you fantasize, and work for it. The only way to achieve that would be is to not fear your mistakes and let yourself move on.

A little bit of fun won’t hurt. Certainly, you would make friends and new friends and then even more new friends. You will see and meet new people around you. Some will inspire you, some will motivate you some will even make you feel cheerless. Forrest Gump told us that “life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” But, always kept going. He never missed out on the fun. It is okay to have fun which chasing those dreams let alone you are willing and determined to put in the required effort.

Lastly, with this new year ahead, I also want to tell you that happiness comes from within. I would not want you to search for your happiness in things or people but yourself. If you believe in your moral values, then do not let yourself down as my ultimate goal would always remain the same — to see you happy.

Your ever loving brother.


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