According to Wikipedia, acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character—in theatre, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode. What do we know about art? Well, art is anything that is created with thoughts or ideas along with perfect skills which is subjective to creating a masterpiece. There is no exclusive definition of art. This raises the question that can an activity like acting justified to be called an art? Some might totally condemn the idea of acting while some might say that certain actors do not promote apt content for a suitable crowd. In a way, it’s true. The kind of content we are prone to seeing today is not what all audiences would want to see. But, as a society, shouldn’t we be more accepting? Think about it.

I mentioned in my last blog that words are a very ineffective to way to interpret thoughts and feelings. We communicate with babies in sign language, we use gestures to convey something when it’s needed. Everything we do is basically an “act” which we produce in order to get a desired result. If you see it this way, then ‘acting’ is a human trait. It would be easy for all of us to act? Wrong. I believe that art can exist in any and many forms. An actor can or cannot be skilled. The way we decide it is by watching all sorts of cinema starring different actors and then we reach a conclusion based on our satisfaction. Different tastes suggest different genres. Not everyone is interested in watching the same thing and people tend to have different personal favorites in an industry that is working to bring tons of new ideas solely on the basis of their ideas and skills. Now, if you like watching a movie that aims at breaking a certain stereotype, then you will be pulled towards watching such cinema. You will be impressed by the actor and the movie while the person sitting next to you would be dozing halfway through it. It happens quite often, doesn’t it? If the actor is skillful enough to get you interested, then that is what should matter to you.

The entertainment industry has to keep in the trend of what people would be interested to watch the most. Hence, there are innumerable types of movies with different genres. Why do people watch these genres? It is because they can relate to it. That’s exactly the reason why we find many different kind of actors doing movies that gets a critical acclaim by the wider audiences. Speaking of audiences, these are where we belong. We as a audience create the true experience of recreating this wonderful art form. This is what I would like to call it – an art form. Just like how a true genius would be able to solve a problem beautifully, an actor can reproduce exactly how it is to feel something that cannot be interpreted. To name, a movie like “Inception” is aimed to opening new sector of this art form. The director, at the end of this movie, leaves it to the audience to decide how they would want to interpret the ending. In fact, there is a site that discusses the variations of how people actually thought the ending of the Inception was. The entry of such a movie was appreciated throughout.

Any art is only interesting if it perfectly integrates the authors imaginative power and the required skill to produce something that is extremely beautiful and emotionally satisfying. Actors are so good that can interpret anything that they want to. ‘Dangal’, based on a true incident, is aimed empowering women wrestling in India. The actor had to go through major body weight changes to look like a father of two girls who later win a gold medal for the country at the 2010 Commonwealth games. In the Oscar winning movie ‘Revenant’, DiCaprio had to deal with a lot of climatic factors for the shooting. His Oscar winning speech was more focused on global warming and climatic change which was considered to be a good moral for everyone. Why would actors bear all of the hard work when a little VFX could take care of such situations? It’s because true artists care to be careful and bear to be bearable. Small details matters to them which eventually will matter to their audiences as well. Philosophically, artists deal with immaterialism which is why there are artists who rise to a meteoric stardom and some catastrophically unsuccessful. Nevertheless, there’s a little luck involved and perception plays a greater role than we think.


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