Waking up to thoughts like these can be really amazing. I mean I had a dream where I was a selling cakes for a living. I had this huge bakery and where there is a constant rush of people buying different sizes of pastries and cakes. So, I woke up that day, looked into the mirror just to realise that…I really don’t look like a baker. Seriously! I do not look like one at all. But this thought got me intrigued that it got me thinking for quite some time. By quite some time I mean that I used to think about it in the class, before I sleep, when I reading a book…I guess…almost all the time. It was something really stupid to dream something like that. Or was it? It wasn’t! At all! What we think of the stereotype is what the stereotype thinks about us.

Look at this! We were always told to do what we can so that we could not discover what we couldn’t do. I was told that I could be anything, whatever and whenever, I wished to. And so I thought. Three years down the line, I just see of myself as nothing but a failing engineer. If people were to believe what they were told, they could be anything right? Wrong. We are told many things but we are restricted to those only we know about. We don’t move out of comfort zones to achieve what we want because our world is limited to our imagination.

As long as it is comfortable and easier to achieve what we need, we do it blatantly. But anyway, as time passed with reading more books like ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ where Kahneman describes how the two systems 1 and 2 work simultaneously and his judgements on the psychology are true to the point completely describing how a human would react to certain situations and ‘Zero to One’ where Theil says innovation progresses from 0 to 1. It is innovation that we humans are lacking now. I believe that people should not fall for being rich or being a millionaire or being on the Forbes list. Those people on the list did not dream themselves of being there. They just did what was required and made their dream come true. Their dream of having a world where cars are just run by electricity, Elon Musk, CEO and Founder of Tesla, SpaceX. Their dream of making a world where people could use a device so easy that could play a song and make a call at the same time for you, Steve Jobs, CEO and Founder of Apple Inc. If you were to look carefully, these are people who would walk that extra mile to find that “peace of cake.” A small piece, for your peace. Coming back to the dream I dreamt of, I visually closed my eyes to think why I dreamt it. Tried to recreate and found out what I had always been searching for. What do I want to be? And the happy realisation is that…

I want to be an Entrepreneur.

Yes! an ‘entrepreneur.’

Well, so for the love of this cakes, it got me so bothered, I really had to start this website and so the idea of being me being “Intellectually-Lazy” came up.

Here’s a quick video of Casey Neistat, a YouTuber who believes what I believe in.


This is Casey describing what I just told you about.

Now, coming to the dream of Entrepreneurship. I started with a google search on the word “Entrepreneur” to see if my definition matched with my goals. Surprisingly, it does.

noun: entrepreneur; plural noun: entrepreneurs
a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

An entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risks, that’s the extra mile we need to look for. A business without a profit is not exactly a business, I mean it doesn’t justify the word itself that way. So yes, profits are supposed to be made either way. After all, you don’t get anything for free these days. Except advices. You still get that for free. Talking about advices, I would be humble in suggesting to all the budding entrepreneurs and non entrepreneurs out there that we need to incorporate ourselves into innovating and learning new things and be genuinely interested in keeping ourselves updated with the current technology because it wouldn’t be too late to be out of new ideas! An idea that we can think of has to be original.

Originality is what defines and drives innovation. 

In fact, that is where the heart of innovation lies. An artist is claimed to be an artist for the idea he has created. If the artist were to claim that they have stolen that idea of painting from someone else, would you claim it to be original? Maybe this new artist can perceive and perform the same in a much better way but the originality of that thought would be stolen, isn’t it? It works the same with anything and everything. So, I’m imagining a world where ideas are continuously firing without the need to question if it’s possible or not. That world lies in the brain of an entrepreneur. That is how they function.

Technology is bliss folks.


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