I think, a lot.

‘On a scale of one to infinity, I find myself thinking beyond infinity. I am not even kidding! I spend most of my time thinking…about anything. It can be confused with me wandering, but I know the difference now.’

Recently, I was browsing my news feed on Facebook and stumbled upon this article by ‘Big Think’ (link at the end). It involves a test to find if you are a thinker or a non thinker? Thinking is something that is pretty natural and I have no control over it. We know that. But, what we don’t know is when are we overthinking! It’s been told over to me by many of my social peers that I tend to overthink. You must’ve been told that too, maybe? Well, the interesting is part is we don’t analyse ourselves more often than we analyse other people. My brain is beautiful and I love it. Sometimes it doesn’t love me back. That’s when I am overthinking. Funny that.

We makes mistakes, often. A normal functioning brain is supposed to make tons of mistakes. It’s not cool if you aren’t making any. Now, suppose I told you that there is this one person who doesn’t make any mistake, does his work perfectly and does exactly what it is told to do so. You would be amazed right? Would sound like a genius, huh? People were amazed, yes! That’s when they labelled these persons I call as ‘machines’. A machine is so indispensable these days that humans are spending time coding them, learning machine languages and in turn making themselves a machine of making a machine. So weird. Here, I am, sitting on my chair thinking how fascinating it is that the world oves at a speed of roughly 1000 miles per hour and that sounds so cool. The world is changing though. At a faster speed than it’s rotating and also for the better.

Let’s watch a video where Michael explains…well…just watch it.


Everything we do or see has a lot of impact on us. Anything we fail to achieve or our mind fails to achieve deteriorates us from being capable to incapable. That’s exactly when we need to make mistakes. Fearing them will just suppress us from being who we want to be. I remember this fact about the mint called “Polo” which, as they say, was discovered by mistake. Unfortunately, the machine in their manufacturing plant malfunctioned and it started to churn out candies with a hole in it. And thus, Polo was born.

The point of me writing this blog is not for the lazy ones who think they can’t make a difference. The point of writing this blog is for the lazier ones who actually believe in themselves.

I see myself as a ‘thinker’ more or less. Striving for the small things I want for joy and a little bit for the peace of that cake. I constantly am afraid of making mistakes and that’s when I know I am overthinking, for the good. I believe that when mistakes infuses with thinking, a new creation takes place. It’s awesome that our mind is capable to think so that it doesn’t overlook what we exactly want from ourselves. The constant need to upgrade you iPhone is because your brain won’t accept that you’re not moving on with the current generation. It just can’t handle it. Or when it’s broken…and functioning. You think and end up buying a new one. It just happens on it’s own. No one tells you to do so but you do because it’s natural. There’s that process involved in every second of our beautiful journey.


Link to ‘Big Think’ article: http://bigthink.com/paul-ratner/new-study-shows-intelligent-people-are-lazier-while-non-thinkers-more-active

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“Making mistakes, not overthinking…”


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